Our toddler program is for students age 18 months to 3 years and offers a balanced range of age-appropriate activities within an inviting and warm atmosphere.

The classroom is designed to entice the child to explore and discover. The classroom's layout encourages focused work, allowing children to develop their concentration abilities. Each classroom is:

  • Orderly and home-like
  • Spacious and calm
  • Filled with natural light

The classroom and activities are organized by different curriculum areas:

  • Practical Life: Flower arranging, taking care of the environment, food preparation, self-care (lacing, dressing, undressing, using the toilet by oneself)

  • Language: Rich language enviroment, back-and-forth conversations, captivating shared reading experiences, poems, rhyming, letter sounds

  • Sensorial: Learning through the five senses by exploring shape, texture, size, color

  • Mathematics: Stacking, sorting, sequencing, pouring, etc. The toddler's new motor skills become a gateway to numerical understanding

  • Music: Song, dance, rhythm, tone, dexterity

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Art

This orderly, prepared environment brings comfort to the child, which reduces his/her stress. This feeling of orderliness and security promotes the child's internal sense of calm.

Our Montessori credentialed teachers serve as guides as the children explore the materials in the classroom. They provide:

  • Individualized instruction to each child daily.
  • On-going assessments of each child.
  • Regular communication with parents.